The convenient Bride

Chapter 222: Am I in Trouble?

Juliet was like an eagle, protecting Yayoi under her wings, while she glared at Vito.


Vito knew Yayoi's two good friends.


Juliet, who came from a good family, had a hot temper. He should definitely not provoke her.


Rosiley was gentle, but he had been taught a lesson by the man beside her last time and he knew that she was not easy to deal with either.


Therefore, Vito did not dare to provoke them. He looked coldly at Yayoi, his eyes filled with disgust. "Yayoi, you're really disgusting.”


She said that she would never break through her bottom line before marriage. But she actually slept with another man after breaking up with him.


After saying that, he pulled Candance away, but Juliet wouldn't let him go. She rushed in front of him, "Bastard, why did you say that? How dare you!"


Vito said with a gloomy face, "Ask her yourself.”


Then, he pushed her away and left with Candace.


Juliet was in a daze. When she gathered her wits, Vito and Candance had disappeared.


"Damn" Juliet scolded and then returned to Yayoi. Just as Juliet was about to ask what was going on, she saw that there were still people around them. She frowned and shouted at them, "It's over. Go away!"


Afterwards, she pulled Yayoi and Rosiley away from the crowd.


In a coffee shop near the furniture market.


Yayoi and Rosiley were sitting opposite Juliet.


Juliet tapped on the table rhythmically. She seemed serious. She thought for a moment and then stood up. "I'm going to find Maddox.”


Rosiley quickly reached out and grabbed her. "Juliet, we didn't tell you because we were afraid that you would go to Maddox on impulse. Things would only get worse.”