The convenient Bride

Chapter 220: You Really Like Framing Others

The Furniture Market was very big, with four floors, covering a total area of more than 200,000 square meters. To Yayoi's surprise, she met the ones she hated.


Vito and Candace!


Why must enemies meet each other?


"Oh, Yayoi?"


Yayoi was helping Juliet choose a desk when a voice suddenly came from the side.


She raised her head and looked over. When she saw a couple walking towards her, her eyes suddenly turned cold.


Candance walked to her, folded her hands around her chest, slightly raised her chin, and used her hand to pluck her hair. She couldn't hide her complacency and said, "Vito and I are getting married, and we are currently decorating our house. It's really tiring. Vito said that we have to pick out our own furniture. I'm almost exhausted."


It seemed that she was complaining to her friends, but in fact, she was showing off to Yayoi.


After hearing this, Yayoi sneered and mocked, "If you're tired, then don't get married.”


"No way! Vito and I love each other so much. How can we not get married?"


Candance walked over and held the Vito's arm. She affectionately leaned her head against his shoulder and asked, "Vito, do you love me?"


“Yes.” Vito replied without hesitation, but his gaze was tightly locked onto Yayoi.


He hadn't seen her for some time. She had become more beautiful in a charming way.


Yayoi didn't want to waste her time on them, so she turned around to look for Rosiley and Juliet.


But Candance wouldn't miss the opportunity to ridicule her.


Therefore, Candance stepped forward and grabbed her hand, "Yayoi, we haven't seen each other for so long, how about having a talk?"


A talk? Candance wanted to talk with her. This was probably the worst joke.


Yayoi couldn't hold back her laughter. Turning around, she looked at them mockingly. She said word by word, "Candance, we're not familiar, and I have nothing to say."


She shook off Candance's hand forcefully and wanted to leave, but what happened next left her dumbfounded.


When she shook Candance's hand away, Candance screamed and fell to the ground. Yayoi didn't know if she was really too strong or if Candance was doing this on purpose.


"Vito..." Candance, who was sitting on the ground, cried out.


"Candance." Vito stepped forward and squatted beside her. He asked worriedly, "Candance, where does it hurt?"


"My butt, my butt hurts so much." Candance really cried out in pain.


She originally wanted to frame Yayoi with a fake fall, but she really fell down and it hurt.


Vito knew what Candance wanted to do. He also thought that she pretended to fall down, but when she was crying out of pain, he knew that it really hurt.


Men tended to get manly when their women cried pitifully.

So, he stood up and glared at Yayoi. He questioned her, "Yayoi, why did you push Candace?"


Since Yayoi had been framed by Candance once, she firmly believed that Candance was trying to frame her again, so she just watched the "show" coldly.


However, when Vito questioned her like this, she was a little excited.


Their show was on. How could she not be excited and not cooperate with them?