The convenient Bride

Chapter 215: Afraid of that the Truth Would be Discovered

The next day, after having breakfast, Rosiley went straight to the hospital where Seneca was staying.


Seneca was still unconscious. The doctors in United States hoped that Seneca could be sent to the United States, so that they could develop the treatment plan nearby.


When Sachin told Rosiley what the doctors hoped, the Rosiley remained silent for a long time before slowly saying, "If they can guarantee that my dad will be cured, I will send my dad to the United States. However, if they only treat my dad as a subject of study, I refuse. I would rather my dad stay like this than suffer any more."


No matter how much she hated her father in the past, blood was thicker than water and they were a family.


"I respect that." Sachin understood what she was worrying, so he didn't try to persuade her.


Today, she went to the hospital and wanted to discuss with the attending doctor about the best plans for Seneca.


When she arrived at the hospital, she found that Xenia was also there. She was glad that she did not ask Sachin to come with her.


"What a surprise. I thought that someone had forgotten about her husband.”


Upon seeing Xenia, Rosiley was aggressive and said with a sarcastic tone.


Xenia's face darkened. She raised her voice to defend herself and said, "Your father is ill, but there is a lot of business to be dealt with in the company. I have to take care of the business.


Rosiley sneered, "I hope someone doesn't want to take advantage of this opportunity to steal the Tang Group."


“Rosiley, is this how you talk to your elders?"


Xenia glared at Rosiley angrily.


Rosiley gave her a cold glance, no longer pestering her, and walked straight to the hospital bed.


Seneca was still unconscious in bed, and the doctor was examining him.


The doctor said, "At present, Mr. Tang's body is in a good condition, but he has not been able to wake up."