The convenient Bride

Chapter 214: A Lingerie

As soon as they finished speaking, Yayoi and Juliet's expressions changed, but they instantly returned normal.


However, Rosiley caught it.


She smiled meaningfully. "How about I call them over?" She said.


“No need!"


"No need!"


Yayoi and Juliet rejected her proposal at the same time.


Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. "I was just joking. Why are you two so nervous?"


Just joking?!


Yayoi and Juliet looked at each other, then, at Rosiley, who was laughing so happily. Only then did they realize that they had been tricked.


"Rosiley!" The two stood up one after another and were about to pounce on her.


At this moment, Sachin reached out and pulled Rosiley into his arms. He raised his eyes and looked at the two people who were about to pounce forward.


"She was just discharged, and she can't withstand you messing around."


Actually, Yayoi and Juliet didn't really want to make things difficult for Rosiley. The moment Sachin said this, they were instantly embarrassed.


Yayoi smiled embarrassedly, "Mr. Sachin, we know it."


Of course, only the two were embarrassed. Sachin helped Rosiley up and said, "Let's go eat."


Rosiley made eyes at Yayoi and Juliet before walking towards the dining hall with Sachin.


Yayoi and Juliet exchanged glances and sighed at the same time.


Alright, now that Rosiley had a backer, they couldn't be as casual as before.


In the dining hall, the atmosphere was lively.


"Rosiley, you have suffered an injury to your vitality after the operation. You need to eat more.”