The convenient Bride

Chapter 212: Are You Eager for It?

“Pervert, he's a pervert..."


Juliet gritted her teeth and cut the steak on the plate with great strength. The knife and the plate collided and made an ear-piercing sound.


Yayoi, who was sitting opposite her, frowned, found it unbearable and reached out to stop her. "Juliet, can you please show some sympathy to me?"


She was driven crazy by that voice.


Juliet smiled apologetically, "Sorry, I forgot."


After saying that, she put down her knife and fork, took a sip of juice to calm down, and then continued, "Yayoi, why are men so cheap?"


"But don't you like him?" Yayoi lowered her head and muttered.


Juliet did not hear it clearly. “Yayoi, what are you talking about? Your voice is too low."


Yayoi raised her head with a smile on her face, "There will always be times when men are cheap. Don't give it a shit."


Juliet sneered, "I'm not giving it a shit. I will pursue this matter until it ends!"


She would teach Payton a lesson that he would pay for what he did.


Yayoi covered her forehead and sighed in her heart. "They are real frenemies."


This was a conflict between Juliet and Payton, and it was not something an outsider like her could interfere with.




"After work, let's go visit Rosiley. She was discharged today." Yayoi changed the topic.


When she mentioned this, Juliet remembered such an important matter.


"Damn, I was so mad at that Payton that I forgot about it.”


Thinking of Payton, Juliet was furious.