The convenient Bride

Chapter 208: I Do Like You

Seeing Emma's bright and happy smile, Rosiley couldn't help but be affected. Her smile widened and she was in full vigor.


Bertram looked at her quietly with affection in his eyes.


However, Rosiley still had a question in her heart.


"Emma, how did you manage to record a video of the incident?"


This was something that Rosiley never understood.


Hearing this, Emma pursed her lips and said bashfully, "Rosiley, do you remember what I told you at the reception?"


Reception? Rosiley raised her eyebrows. The banquet where she lied to her?


“Actually, what I said that time was true, except..." Emma glanced at the man beside her, then lowered her head and whispered, "Except for that glass of wine.’


Rosiley remembered that Emma always said that she was her idol, especially in terms of her style of doing things. She thought that she said that to gain her trust.


However, she did not expect that it was actually her sincere words.


Seeing that she was too guilty to look at her, Rosiley said gently, "Yeah, I remember what you said."


Emma raised her head and her darkened face lit up. She asked in surprise, "Rosiley, do you really remember?"


She thought that after that incident, she might not remember many details.


"Yes, I remember. I'm very impressed.” Rosiley nodded, "But what does this have to do with you filming the video?"


"It does. Because you are someone I admire, I had an eye on Rorey when I saw her call you away." Emma shrugged. "After all, I knew about Rorey, and I was afraid that she would harm you, so I thought of filming a video. If anything happens, it could be used as evidence.”


Speaking to this point, Emma revealed a very happy expression. "Fortunately, I was alert at that time. Otherwise, you would have to bear the infamy of being heartless.”


"Thank you very much, Emma." If it weren't for her help, Rosiley felt that she would be pointed at wherever she went and be called a murderer.


Just imagining it, she felt that she could not bear the opprobrium.