The convenient Bride

Chapter 207: I Will by No Means Dislike My Wife

Only Yunis and Rorey were left in the room, and the atmosphere instantly quieted down.


Rorey fiercely glared at Yunis, then turned around and sat down beside the bed, and turned her back at Yunis.


Seeing her like this, Yunis suddenly felt powerlessness in his heart, and it instantly knocked him for six.


At first, he was with Rorey because she was more sensible and sexier than the conservative Rosiley. But as a man, after spending so much time with the same woman, he had other thoughts. Now her face disgusted him, he didn't want to stay with her for a second longer.


At the very least, he didn't want to stay with her until her face was fixed.


It wasn't that he didn't have any feelings for Rorey, but that his feelings were slowly eroded by her willfulness.


Now that the baby was dead, he had no concern for her.


Thinking of this, Yunis sighed and walked over to Rorey. He gently placed his hand on her shoulder and said softly, "Rorey, the negative comments online are not all bad for you. At the very least, you've got attention. It's good for your...”


“Attention?” Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Rorey. She sneered, "I'd rather not be at the center of public attention because of this. Do you know how the netizens curse me?"


She turned her head and looked up at him, and her eyes were full of ridicule. “I don't think you know it. Your attention is no longer on me now. How would you care about how I was cursed?"


"Rorey.’ Yunis frowned and said in a low voice with displeasure on his face. "Don't deny me, because you don't see what I've done for you."


Rorey bit her lips and glared at him angrily without saying a word.


Yunis sighed and continued, "As soon as that happened, I had people contact those media and commercial social media uploaders. No matter how much it cost, I would have them withdraw the news."


"So, don't get angry with me, okay?” He stared at her with gentle eyes.


Rorey loved Yunis, so his gentleness was a weakness to her. The dissatisfaction and resentment in her heart slowly faded away in his gentle gaze.


"Then, you are going to help me find another employer,” Rorey said.


His eyes flashed. Yunis smiled and said, "Alright, I will.”