The convenient Bride

Chapter 206: How Are You Gonna Deal with Me?

Seeing Juliet's disappointed expression, Rosiley felt a little guilty. After all, didn't she do so much to avenge her?


“Actually, I'm just guessing. Rorey's face was disfigured but she still went to the Grand Ceremony. She must be looking for a new employer. But with your disturbance, I don't think any company would dare to employ her."


Rosiley analyzed the situation again to comfort Juliet.


"Really?" Hearing that, Juliet immediately regained her happiness and said proudly, "I just want her to be unwanted by any company, so that she can't continue to work in the entertainment industry.”


Rosiley nodded, "Well, maybe she is getting close to that."


Seriously speaking, Rorey was now infamous. Hiring her was equal to picking up a piece of garbage. A company, by hiring her, would not only inflict itself within, but also leave a bad reputation in the industry.


"Not maybe, but for sure," Juliet said resolutely.


Rosiley smiled and did not continue with the conversation, instead, she changed the topic and asked, "I heard that you planned to work for TEG?"


When she suddenly asked this, Juliet was stunned. After a while, she regained her senses and said, "How do you know?"


Juliet patted her head in frustration when she asked this. "I'm so stupid. It must be Payton who told you.’


Rosiley shook her head. "No."


"Then, it's Maddox."


"Yeah, it's him.” Rosiley looked at her with interest. "Tell me, why do you want to work for TEG on a whim? Is it because of Payton?"


"Because of Payton?” Juliet rolled her eyes, "You think too much, Rosiley. I just want to give myself a challenge.”


"Oh, really?” Rosiley didn't believe in her simple reason.


"Believe it or not."