The convenient Bride

Chapter 205: It Was Karma

Her fingertips trembled slightly as she slowly clenched her fist. Yayoi had a sore nose and her eyes turned red. She stared blankly at the handsome face that was deeply engraved in her mind and asked, "Hallie, it's you. Why don't you recognize me?"


Hot tears rolled down her face.


She cried.


Damari felt choked. He looked down at the ground and covered up the heartache that flashed through his eyes.


"I'm sorry”


After a cold sentence, he turned around and no longer looked at her.


Hazel looked at him thoughtfully. Then, she looked at Yayoi with her eyes slightly narrowed, revealing a trace of coldness. 


"Yayoi, as your classmate, I'm telling you that Damari is not someone you can approach. If you did this again, I wouldn't hold it back.”


Ignoring Yayoi's pale face, Hazel held Damari’s arm and walked away.


Yayoi stood there and watched as they left together, and her vision gradually blurred.


Shortly after Yayoi left, Maddox stood up and chased after her.


When he saw her walking towards a man and woman, he slowed down and stopped a distance away from them. He hid in the darkness and watched quietly.


He saw everything and had a rough understanding of their conversation.


The message was that the man was an acquaintance of Yayoi, but the man did not admit it, and Yayoi was very sad.


He was very unhappy to hear her call him "Hallie" so intimately.


Thus, he endured his displeasure and waited until he saw the man and woman leave before walking over.


Only when he approached did he realize that Yayoi was crying.


His questioning words were held back.