The convenient Bride

Chapter 203: She Wants to See You

"Payton has attended a lot of banquets like this since he was a child. He's got bored." Sachin explained on behalf of his younger brother.


Rosiley raised her eyebrows. "What about you?"


"The same." Sachin replied indifferently.


Rosiley pursed her lips and changed the topic and asked, "How is the Tang Group now?"


When it came to business, Payton became serious.


"At present, we still don't have as many shares as Rorey.’


Payton's expression changed when he heard this. He added, “But Rorey proposed to postpone the meeting of the board of directors, and we still have time to win the support of the other directors.”


"Rorey took the initiative to ask for a delay?"


Rosiley frowned. With Rorey's personality, would she be eager to hold the meeting earlier?


"I heard she was disfigured.” Juliet, who was using the computer, suddenly said.




Not only Rosiley, but also Sachin and Payton looked at her with confusion.


Juliet took the computer off her lap, put it on the sofa, and then got up and walked over.


"Yeah, wasn't she beaten up by you and Maddox the other day? Then she was beaten up again by someone else in the detention center. I heard that she looked miserable.”


"Holy shit, I really want to see Rorey's swollen face.” Payton's face was filled with anticipation.


Rosiley knew that Rorey had gone through small cosmetic surgeries, but most part of her face was not changed.


How miserable could that be?


Juliet added, "If everything goes smoothly, the news will break it tomorrow."