The convenient Bride

Chapter 201: I Will Always Be by Your Side

Rosiley sighed resignedly. "Yes, I'm so disappointed.”


She wanted to match Yayoi and Maddox, but now, it seemed that she did not need to worry about this.


Thinking of this, she sighed again. She didn't want to get bothered in this matter, so she changed the topic and asked, "Did Lake Entertainment Group send you an invitation?"


"Yes." Sachin gently stroked her hair. "You want to go?”


Rosiley left his embrace, raised her head, looked into his black eyes, and slyly smiled. "Then may I ask Mr. Sachin if he wants to reveal that he is married?"


Sachin raised his eyebrows and pretended to be surprised as he asked, "Wasn't it you who put forward the idea of keeping it a secret for the time being?"


It was her.


However, the situation was complicated at that time. They were in a nominal marriage and they had no feelings for each other. She would feel guilty if she brought him trouble by mentioning this.


However, it was different now. They had feelings for each other, deep ones.


Even so, if it were to be made public...


Rosiley pursed her lips and gave up on the idea. "Don't make it public, or you'll be exposed.”


Public opinions were bound to make them the headlines, and when she exposed Maddox's affairs, its popularity lasted for several days. If it was Sachin...


Rosiley could imagine what commotion the Benin City would be in at that time.


She was terrified from just thinking about it!


"Then when will it be the time?" Sachin asked.


"Let me think..." Rosiley thought for a moment and gave an answer.


"We'll make it public when everything is fine."