The convenient Bride

Chapter 193: Do You Want to Murder Me?

Yayoi helped Maddox to the emergency department and directly stopped a doctor who was walking towards them.


"Doctor, he's injured.”


The doctor was shocked and asked, "Where did he get hurt?"


"On his back.” As she spoke, Yayoi was about to take off Maddox's shirt, but Maddox stopped her.


She looked up at him doubtfully.


“There are many people here,’ he whispered.


So he was shy. Yayoi suddenly nodded her head in realization. Then she turned to the doctor and said embarrassedly, "Doctor, let's go to the consultation room and see his injury.’


The doctor led them into the consulting room and asked Maddox to take off his shirt.


When Maddox unbuttoned, he would occasionally glance at Yayoi who was standing at the side.


Yayoi was amused and she asked, "You don't want me to go out, do you?"


Maddox did not answer yes or no. He just unbuttoned and took off his shirt, revealing his lean figure.


Yayoi thought that he would be thin and weak because he was cosseted, but to her surprise, he was in a fine shape.


Yayoi couldn't take her eyes off his nice abs.


She used to find a beefy man disgusting, but Maddox was wonderfully muscular. His muscle definition was perfect and would have girls swoon over it.


Seeing that she was dumbfounded, Maddox smiled, "You have seen it before."


‘You have seen it before.’


A picture appeared in Yayoi's mind. In the picture, he was asleep. The sheet could only cover his private part, and the rest of his body was exposed in the air.


His beautiful muscles were so charming that she could never forget that.


‘No, something's wrong!’ Yayoi thought.


She quickly shook her head and tried to get the sleeping beauty out of her mind. Then, she said righteously to Maddox, "Sorry, today is the first time I've seen your muscles."