The convenient Bride

Chapter 189: It Was Too Embarrassing

"How dare they hit you so hard?"


"If I had known, I wouldn't have let them off so easily."


"What if it leaves a scar on you?"


“Does it hurt?"


Rosiley talked while disinfecting Yayoi's wounds.


Yayoi sat quietly with her head thrown back and saw concern in Rosiley’s eyes. She thought she would keep this in mind.


"In the future, if you face those losers again, you must stay away from them. Do you understand?"


Rosiley looked into Yayoi's eyes and added, "Staying away from them is not saying that we are afraid, but that we are sick of arguing with them. Do you understand?"


"Yes, I understand.” Yayoi nodded and smiled brightly, "Rosiley, you nagged like my mother."


“Really? Then call me Mom.” Rosiley was joking with her.


To her utter amazement, Yayoi said, "Rosiley... Mom."


“You really call me Mom?" Rosiley rolled her eyes. "I'm still young. I don't have a daughter as old as you."


Yayoi pretended to be dissatisfied and muttered, “I gave you an advantage for nothing, and you are like ‘oh, please’.”


Rosiley laughed, "My bad.”


After applying the medicine to her wound, Rosiley examined it carefully and said, "I hope it won't leave a scar."


"It won't. It would be strange if such a small wound left a scar." Yayoi did not take it seriously.


Seeing that Rosiley was still staring worriedly at her face, Yayoi stood up and took her arm. She comforted Rosiley softly, "Don't worry. I'm not a person with cicatricle diathesis. It won't leave a scar on me easily."


Then, she pulled Rosiley out and said, "Let's go back to work. After work, let me take you out to dinner.”