The convenient Bride

Chapter 188: It Will Break Someone's Heart

After the meeting, a few women blocked Rosiley and Yayoi's way at the door of the conference room.


They were from the Publicity Department.


Rosiley didn't know many people except for those who worked in the Media Department. As for those from the other departments, she thought they looked familiar but didn't know their names.


These women came on tough, but Rosiley still smiled politely, "What can I do for you?"


Those women looked at her impolitely and snorted, "That's how she looks. I thought she was so pretty.”


Hearing that, Yayoi frowned, "Don't you know that it's rude to criticize someone's appearance?"


"Why should I be polite to her?” One of the women snorted coldly.


"That's right. She's only a mistress. What's the big deal with her?"


"You're wrong. She is amazing. After all, she could hook up with Mr. Shen with some amazing skills.”


Those women mocked, laughing behind their hands.


"You..." Yayoi was so angry and about to teach them a lesson.


At this time, Rosiley pulled her back, “Yayoi, don't argue with them. That will be lame."


"That's right, they are only a bunch of jealous losers who know nothing but laugh at others." Yayoi sneered.


Those women were annoyed, "Who are you talking about?"


“Whoever answers." Yayoi tipped her chin to them provocatively.


Rosiley stroked her forehead. Didn't she say not to argue? Why bother about it again?


"I'll rip your mouth off.”


Those women rushed forward angrily and directly grabbed Yayoi's hair.