The convenient Bride

Chapter 187: He's Always an Eye-Catcher

When Rosiley and Yayoi arrived downstairs, Payton had already left.


"Do you see that? Isn't the new general manager smoking hot?"


“Yeah, I feel like my heart is about to melt with his smile."


“That's right. He has such a beautiful smile, doesn't he?"


Rosiley exchanged glances with Yayoi as she heard her colleagues’ comments about Payton and smiled dryly.


If they understood how sarcastic Payton could be, they would no longer find his smile sweet.


Just as they went back to the Media Department, Lina walked out of her office, clapping before she said, "Everyone, the new general manager is going to hold a company meeting later. Everyone is going to attend. No one is allowed to be absent.’


Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly. Why did that unruly Payton want this kind of formalistic stuff? Did he think the dumb girls in the company were not crazy enough for him?


"Maddox, how is Rosiley in the company?"


When Payton first arrived, he wanted to know more about his sister-in-law.


Maddox pondered for a moment and then replied, "It's alright, except for some nasty rumors about her."


“What rumors?" Payton was curious.


Maddox didn't know how to answer him but said inanely, "You'll know when the time comes."




Payton looked around the office and said with a disgusted expression, "Maddox, isn't this office too simple and crude? No noble man should work there."


"Mr. Payton, if you're not satisfied, you can pay for the decoration yourself.” Maddox mocked.


"Forget it." Payton felt that this office was actually not bad when it came to paying for it himself.