The convenient Bride

Chapter 182: The Shelter of Her Heart

“Isn't she Rorey's sister?"


"Yeah, that's her. There used to be rumors that Rorey snatched her sister's fiancé.”


"I know that. Her sister is so pitiful."


“But she can't hurt people just because of that. No matter what, the baby is innocent.”


The surroundings were very noisy, and the endless discussions bothered Rosiley. She unconsciously clenched her hands tightly.


She really wanted to defend herself, telling everyone that Rorey was not pushed down by her at all. She fell by herself!


But when she opened her mouth, she could not make a single sound.


She looked at the people who were discussing endlessly in front of her, and her head went blank.


“Shut up!"


The cold aura and the angry scolding in a low tone caused everyone's heart to tremble, and they all shut their mouths.


Bertram's ice-cold gaze swept past those people. When everyone saw his gaze, they couldn't help but lower their head in fear.


Finally, his gaze stopped on Stacie's resentful face and said, "You said that she pushed Rorey over. Did you see it with your own eyes?"


Stacie bit her lips tightly and did not answer him. And her body was trembling.


If it was not for Rorey telling her to tell everyone that Rosiley was the one who pushed her over after the incident, she might have run away in fear.


"If not, please provide evidence to prove that she pushed her over.”


Stacie still did not answer and chose to remain silent.


Seeing that she didn't answer, Bertram sneered, "Tell Rorey not to be self-defeating.”


As he finished speaking, he turned to look at Rosiley and found that her usually energetic eyes had completely lost their luster and were so gloomy.


He really wanted to hold her tightly in his arms, but he was still rational and didn't want to cause her any more troubles.