The convenient Bride

Chapter 176: We Can't Fail

As soon as Payton and Juliet finished their meal, they were ordered to leave before they could take a rest.


"It's time to go since you two are well-fed.” Sachin's tone was indifferent.


Since Juliet had enjoyed a delicious meal and seen Rosiley return safely, she had no reason to stay here and disturb the couple's private time.


Therefore, Juliet said, "Of course. I will leave now."


With that, she waved goodbye to Rosiley, picked up her bag, and left without hesitation.


"Sachin..." Seeing that her good friend had been driven away, Rosiley glared at him in dissatisfaction.


However, Sachin ignored her unhappy look. He glanced at Payton, who hadn't left yet. "What about you?"


"I want to have a rest. I ate too much." Payton burped, completely ignoring the displeased look of Sachin.


“Then wash the dishes before leaving."


Without waiting for his answer, Sachin held Rosiley's hand and walked straight upstairs.


"Why should I do the dishes?" When hearing this, Payton was a little annoyed. He turned around and lay on the sofa, shouting at the two people who had already walked up the stairs.


"You can disobey my order, but next time, you won't be able to eat any food cooked by me,’ Sachin replied without turning back.


Payton was willing to wash the dishes if he could continue enjoying the dishes cooked by Sachin.


Therefore, with a sullen look, Payton walked towards the kitchen.


"Haven't you gone too far?" Rosiley did not expect him to ask Juliet and Payton to leave.