The convenient Bride

Chapter 175: How Dare You Covet My Future Husband?

Juliet and Payton looked so cute when they were bickering.


Looking at them, Rosiley couldn't help but chuckle.


Payton didn't say anything else, and Juliet snorted contemptuously. Then she looked at Rosiley and asked, "Rosiley, since you were fine, why didn't we get any news from you the whole night?"


"I was drugged. Luckily, someone saved me, and then I regained consciousness in the morning."


"Holy shit!” Hearing that she was drugged, Juliet could no longer suppress her anger.


"Melissa and her accomplices could only conceive such despicable tricks," Juliet said furiously. Then she turned to Payton and said, "Payton, let's get some pills and let Melissa know what it feels like to be drugged.”


"We'd better find a medicine that could torture her to death.” A hint of ruthlessness appeared on Payton's face.


Looking at their fierce look, Rosiley couldn't help being a little afraid.


She quickly said, “Actually, we can deal with her in another way.”


"No! I just want to pay her back in her own coin."


"Me too.” Payton raised his hand in agreement.


Rosiley said with a sigh, "I hope I won't offend the two of you in the future. Otherwise, I will be given a hard time."


Melissa was her sworn enemy, but at this moment, she couldn't help but feel sympathy for her.


"I won't.” Juliet got up and sat beside her. She held Rosiley's arm and leaned her head against her shoulder. "I don't have the heart to hurt you."


Rosiley laughed out loud and gently pushed her head away. "Don't say this. If I take your man away, you will get back at me."


"Rosiley, you're too greedy! You already have a perfect man as your husband, yet you're still covet my future husband."


Knowing that she was joking, Juliet put on an exaggerated expression on purpose.


"Your future husband won't be a good one. Rosiley will by no means take a fancy to him."


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the sofa and was about to smash it at Payton. The latter quickly raised his hand to defend himself and shouted, “Juliet,


in shock, Juliet quickly turned around and asked, "Rosiley, who exactly saved


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Juliet suddenly let out a scream. Rosiley and Payton were so shocked that they immediately


mean that the star is called


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expectant gaze, Rosiley nodded. "Yes, it's


Juliet then let


crazy? Why did you shout so loudly?” Payton roared at


a deaf ear to his scold. "Is he much more handsome than his image on TV? What's his temper? Does he


her hand to prevent Juliet from asking more questions. She was almost driven crazy by her. It was out of her expectation that Juliet was


tell you whether he has a girlfriend or what kind of girl he likes, because I don't


this. She had thought that she would get to know whether her favorite star was in


look, Payton said with a grin, “A girl like you is definitely not




Juliet off. Seeing that she was about to hit him,


and sighed, "They are really a quarrelsome but


the air, and she felt hungry again. Knowing that Juliet and Payton wouldn't calm down for a while, she got up and walked towards


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attracted by his smile. At this moment, Juliet's angry voice came from outside the kitchen, which brought her back to her senses. Staring at his deep-set eyes


onions." Grabbing the onions in a hurry, she turned around and walked to


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