The convenient Bride

Chapter 165: Fellow Sufferers

Her arrogant attitude made Melissa furious. "Rosiley, please correct your attitude. See who you are talking to!" she shouted.


Rosiley glanced at her and curled her lips, saying, "That's my attitude. If you don't respect me, why should Irespect you?"


"Great! Rosiley!"


Melissa laughed. She turned around and walked behind the desk. She grabbed the phone on the desk and pressed the buttons.


"Have the HR manager come up." She ordered the person on the other side of the phone.


Then, she hung up the phone forcefully.


"Rosiley, now that the president is on a business trip, no one can protect you."


Melissa's voice was filled with obvious pride.


"Well," Rosiley raised her eyebrows and remained calm, saying, "Let's see what you got."


Melissa snorted coldly, "Okay."


Lonny and the others looked at Rosiley gloatingly. As long as they thought that she was going to be fired, they felt that their pain paying off.


"Rosiley, what should we do?" Yayoi was really afraid that she would be fired.


"Don't worry, she can't fire us." Rosiley raised her hand and patted her shoulder.


Yayoi frowned. Although Rosiley looked confident, she was still very worried.


Not long after, the HR manager arrived.


As soon as he walked in and saw the row of people standing, the HR manager was shocked. Then, he hurried towards Melissa and said, "Ms. Su, you are...?"


He pointed at the row of people and looked at Melissa confusedly.


"Exhorting." His curiosity was stopped by the neat words.


The HR manager respectfully asked, "Ms. Su, did you call me here for any instructions?"