The convenient Bride

Chapter 164: It Was Me

After taking a few days off, although Yayoi helped her with some of her work, there was still a backlog of work.


She had been busy all morning without a rest.


She finally finished most of the important work before lunch.


She twisted her stiff neck and turned to ask Yayoi what she wanted to have for lunch. She saw a familiar figure.


She fixed her gaze on it, and a hint of interest surfaced in her eyes. The trouble had arrived.


Hearing that Rosiley had returned to work, Lonny couldn't help but feel excited. She wanted to come to the media department to humiliate her.


However, the secretary of the general manager had a lot of work to do, making it impossible for her to leave, so she could only meet Rosiley in the noon break.


Rosiley and Yayoi exchanged glances and sat in their seats leisurely, waiting for Lonny to walk over.


Surrounded by her supporters, Lonny slowly walked over like a proud peacock.


“Are you here to inspect the work?" Rosiley smiled and asked as Lonny approached.


Lonny raised her chin slightly and looked at her sideways, with her eyes filled with disdain.


She sneered and said, "Some people didn't expect me to have such a day, right?"


Rosiley raised her eyebrows and sincerely agreed, "Yes, Ireally didnt expect that."


Lonny did not expect her to say this. She was stunned for a moment, but she quickly recovered.


"Rosiley, if Iwere you, Iwould have wisely chosen to leave TEG. Otherwise, if Iwere fired one day, it would be embarrassing."


Rosiley still smiled sweetly, saying, "Are you threatening me?"