The convenient Bride

Chapter 160: She Was Bullied

Rosiley had been on leave for a few days because of the scald. She felt that she got a blessing in disguise.


She should enjoy the vacation.


Thus, she asked Juliet out. Ever since Juliet returned home, they had rarely gathered.


Finally, Rosiley could take advantage of her leave to meet Juliet.


"Sorry, I'm late.”


Juliet casually threw her bag onto a chair beside her and sat down opposite Rosiley.


Rosiley looked at the pitiful bag and shook her head, “Juliet, you really don't care about money."


Juliet, who was devouring water, heard Rosiley's words and frowned in puzzlement. Then, Juliet asked, "Why do you say so?"


"Look!" Rosiley looked towards the bag lying on the chair. "That's a limited edition. Many debutants can't buy it even if they can afford it. Even so, you still don't cherish it."


Generally speaking, the limited-edition bags of international brands were valuable for collection.


However, Juliet threw it casually. If the bag was broken a little bit, it would be devalued.


"Please!" Juliet rolled her eyes and said, "You are Mrs. Lu now. Don't have such an idea of a petty bourgeois. If the bag is broken, we'll buy a new one. Anyway, we don't lack money!"


Rosiley smiled and said, "Miss Juliet is rich and rude. I, a petty bourgeois, am different you."


“You are exaggerating. In terms of wealth, I'm poorer than the husband of a petty bourgeois. As for being rude..."


Juliet raised her eyebrows with a strange expression. "I cannot compete with your husband. After all, I can't treat you in that manner.”


At first, Rosiley did not understand Juliet's implication. Seeing her ambiguous smile, Rosiley realized the connotation of Juliet's words.


“Damn, Juliet, why are you so dirty?" Rosiley looked at her with disdain.


Juliet innocently pouted, “Why am I dirty? You misunderstood me."


this, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh out


fragrance of coffee floated in the air. The melodious music of the piano echoed in the café. They sat by the window and chatted


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Lonny's lead, Lonny walked to Yayoi like a proud peacock. She crossed her arms around her chest and cast a glance


the top of the world when they become the deputy manager. It would be better if they could keep their place. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if they


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"Yayoi, we're here."


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