The convenient Bride

Chapter 152: Devious Woman

With Rosiley by his side, he didn't feel tired.


His voice was somewhat hoarse, as if he was suppressing his strong feelings.


Rosiley pursed her lips and covered her chest with her hand. It ached a little. Tears welled up in her beautiful eyes.


"If you keep looking at me like that, I'm afraid I'll lose control."


Sachin smiled and said, half-jokingly.


If they weren't in the hospital, he would have held her in his embrace and kissed her.


Hearing this, Rosiley raised her eyebrows and something cunning flashed through her eyes.


Then, she suddenly moved closer to him and kissed him on the lips.


While he was still himself, Sachin reluctantly left her lips and looked at her red lips with deep eyes.


He gently rubbed her lips with his fingers and said, "Come home early today."


Rosiley nodded yes.


They cuddled for a while before he left.


Shortly after Sachin left, Xenia and Rorey came.


Rosiley was filling a kettle in the washroom. She didn't hear them walk in with the sound of water.


It wasn't until she turned off the tap that she heard their voices.


"Rorey, is your father really unable to wake up?"


It was from Xenia.


“Mom, don't worry. He'll never wake up.”


Rorey's voice was evil.


"What if he wakes up?" Xenia was still worried. If he woke up, the Tang Group would went back to him and Rosiley.