The convenient Bride

Chapter 150: Don't Hit Me

“Rosiley, Ms. Lina is really kind."


After getting into the taxi, Yayoi sighed.


Lonny tried to frame Rosiley several times before. If Lina was as stupid as Lonny, then Rosiley would probably have already left TEG.


"Lina is kind." Rosiley was grateful for Lina’s help.


She might be able to advise Maddox for Lina's promotion.


“Where do you want to take me?" Yayoi looked outside the car and asked.




"Hospital?" Yayoi let out a cry and instantly understood, "Go see Candance Young?"


"Yes. Juliet Elton has also set off. Let's meet at the entrance of the hospital."


Knowing that they were going to stand up for her, Yayoi's nose twitched and her eyes became wet.


"Thank you." She choked up.


Seeing her red eyes, Rosiley couldn't help but want to cry. But she held back her tears.


"We are best friends. You are wronged. How can Juliet Elton and I endure it?"


Rosiley gently wiped the tears off her cheeks. "You can't cry in front of that scumbag couple later. We should be tougher than them, you understand? Don't worry. Juliet Elton and I will be by your side.”


"OK." Yayoi nodded, but her tears were streaming faster.


The greatest fortune in her life should be meeting the two best friends, Rosiley and Juliet Elton.


"Silly girl. I told you not to cry. But you cry even more terribly."


Rosiley smiled, and her eyes got wet.


When they arrived at the hospital, Juliet Elton had already arrived. Seeing them, Juliet Elton walked to them.


"Did you cry?" As soon as they approached, Juliet Elton saw that their eyes were red.