The convenient Bride

Chapter 148: Deliberate Injury

After drinking some wine, Sachin called the driver to drive. He and Rosiley sat in the back seat.


As soon as he got in the car, he leaned against the back of his seat and closed his eyes.


Seeing this, Rosiley asked with concern, "Are you feeling sick?"


Sachin turned his head and smiled, "No, I'm just a little tired.”


During this period, apart from dealing with REG's affairs, he had to deal with trivial matters of the Lu family's property. He was 



He looked worn. Rosiley felt distressed and raised her hand to massage his temples.


Sachin's clear black eyes were fixed on her pretty face with tenderness.


"Sleep for a while. I'll wake you up when we get there."


Rosiley said in a soft voice. Her fingertips moved slowly and gently, as if she was composing a song that could make people fall asleep.


Only in front of her, would Sachin show his weakness without any scruples.


Gradually, he was sleepy. Her face was getting blurry.


He was asleep.


Rosiley told the driver to drive slowly. She stared at him. Her hand stopped moving and her fingertips stroked down his outline. Finally, she stopped on his eyebrows and gently stroked him.


He was a privileged and proud person. But he married her.


If she hadn't seen Yunis's betrayal that day, hadn't met Sachin, hadn't heard Lane's words and plucked up her courage, perhaps....


Now, they were just strangers.


Thinking of this, she panicked.


Rosiley looked down and smiled. She was glad that she had met him.


past them. The night was pressing up and spread out


the middle of the night, a


was woken up. He turned to look at the sleeping girl in his arms. Then, he gently got out of bed and grabbed


“Rosiley, save me!"


crying female voice came from the other side. Sachin


"I'm not Rosiley."


a moment, and then a panicked voice sounded, "I'm


frowned and


precious best friend, being woken up and unhappy, he




drooped. But the policeman opposite


he have to come to the police station to help Sachin with business when it


woken up by the call. He had wanted to swear. But when he saw the call reminder, he swallowed all


bail for a woman from


refuse. But he didn't dare. That was why he was sitting here and listening to the


wanted to sleep, he still had a general idea


victim was hospitalized, while Yayoi was taken to


easily. No matter how much money they spent, they would send


anything about it. Miss Song has


policeman who handled the case


expression darkened. His eyes were clear, as if he was no longer sleepy as


"What reason do you have to detain her before the injuries are verified? Intentionally


word, "The victim, Miss Young, said that she had just had an argument with Miss Song. However, Miss Song was so angry that she broke her

irony. "Since her head is broken, how can she remember everything so clearly while taking a statement? Shouldn't


Young got a scratch on her forehead


to lodge an appeal for


felt that


figure sitting not far away. Yayoi was expressionless


looked very sad




to the police, "I'll put up bail for her first. If


card from his pocket and placed it on


not allow Miss Song to be released on bail. But when


Maddox, Mr.

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