The convenient Bride

Chapter 147: Be Lovey-dovey

After taking her seat, Rosiley sized up the entire private room. The decoration style was the same as the downstairs hall. It was classic and quiet.


At this moment, the picture hanging on the wall attracted her attention.


She got up and walked closer to see that it was a group photo.


There were ... Rosiley counted seven people, who were all in their teens and very young.


Rosiley looked carefully. Then, she turned to look at Sachin and asked, "Is this your group photo?"


“Yes.” Sachin nodded slightly.


She looked up and asked, "Is the beautiful girl in the middle the owner of this restaurant?"


Sachin couldn't help but laugh, "How do you know?"


"Because she looks older than you."


“Rosiley, do you recognize Sachin?" Maddox asked in curiosity.


"Of course!" Rosiley pointed at the boy on the far left of the photo. "All the people in the picture are smiling except him. Who else could this cold-faced man be if not him?"


"I don't know why he is so cold when taking a picture." Rosiley looked disgusted. She couldn't help but wonder if he would also be so cold if they took wedding photos in the future.


In the wedding photo, she was the only one smiling foolishly, as if she had forced him.


“Rosiley, you don't understand. This is personality. If Sachin grinned like everyone else, can you recognize him at a glance?"


“Why I cannot? He looks better than the others. How can I not recognize him?"


The corners of Maddox's lips twitched. If the others heard this, they might be unhappy.


Her words delighted Sachin. His pitch-black pupils flickered with a faint smile.


"The others should be Payton and the others. They look so young and tender." Rosiley stared at the photo for a while before returning to her seat.


“Sachin, you're close to the owner of this restaurant?" Rosiley asked casually.