The convenient Bride

Chapter 145: The Feeling of Being the Trending Topic

As soon as she finished speaking, the atmosphere in the office instantly became tense.


Looking at Melissa's cold and expressionless face, Rosiley felt angry and she’s afraid that she might lose her temper later.


"Don't you understand what I mean?” Melissa asked.


Rosiley remained silent and just stared at her.


Melissa leaned back in her chair, her hands crossed in front of her chest. She swept her eyes over the press release on the table. A trace of ruthlessness flashed through her eyes.


"Don't you understand?” Melissa looked up slightly and then sneered, "Alright. I'll tell you what I mean.”


Rosiley narrowed her eyes. She saw that Melissa said word by word, “I, am, throwing, rubbish."


Instantly, Rosiley became angry and clenched her fists tightly. She smiled angrily, "Melissa, what's wrong? Don't you have any other way to deal with me except at work?”


"Deal with you?" Melissa burst into laughter as if she had heard a joke.


Then the laughter stopped abruptly. Melissa slapped her hands on the table and stood up. She leaned closer to Rosiley and stared at her. “Rosiley, don't think too highly of yourself. In my eyes, you are nothing.”


Hearing this, Rosiley sneered, "Yeah, I'm nothing in your eyes.”


“Since I'm nothing, then why are you working with Alfred to deal with me? Do you have nothing to do, Ms. Su?"


Facing her doubts, Melissa did not panic at all. Instead, she asked coldly, "Rosiley, do you have any evidence that Alfred and I are working together to deal with you?"


Well, she did have no evidence.




"Ms. Su, God is watching your every move. You know what you have done. There's no need for me to provide any evidence.”