The convenient Bride

Chapter 141: Don't Take You Seriously

After leaving Alfred's place, Rosiley took a taxi to go straight back to the company nonstop.


On the way back, Rosiley remembered what Alfred said and clenched her fists tightly.


Was she too easy to bully? Why was she plotted against by others time and again? Was her concessions and endurance viewed as weakness? If not, those people would never get too much.


Did they think that she, Rosiley, was a pushover and could be bullied whenever they want?


She could no longer be too nice; otherwise, she would be looked down upon by others!


Thinking of this, Rosiley's beautiful eyes turned cold. When she returned to the company, she rushed into the general manager's office.


Melissa was sitting on her chair and drinking coffee. Seeing Rosiley barge in without knocking on the door, her expression instantly became ugly.


“Rosiley, what are you doing? This is the company. Do you think this is your home and you can barge in anywhere you want?"


Melissa slapped the table and rebuked angrily, feeling that Rosiley didn't take her seriously.


Rosiley did not take her seriously and just sneered, "Sorry, Ms. Su. I'm hastening to show you Alfred's interview draft. I hope you are magnanimous and won't blame me!”


"Get out and knock on the door!”


Melissa shouted at her in anger and her face turned ashen.


This was the first time in her career that someone dared to treat her like this!


Melissa felt that she had been humiliated. So, she was exasperated.


However, Rosiley seemed to ignore it. She threw the interview manuscript on Melissa's desk rudely. Her pretty face gradually became cold, and her eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of frost. "Melissa, it's useless for you to put on airs in front of me because I don't care your tricks at all. Besides, I'm here to settle the score with you. Who are you going to show this gesture to?"


“Settle the score? Who are you? How dare you come to settle the score with me? Do you believe that I'll call the security guards to kick you out?”


Melissa sneered and reached out to press the house phone.


can call them over. Then I will show them how this general manager who had been bought at


her usually gentle expression became


“Rosiley, don't talk nonsense.”


and seemed to feel


talking nonsense or not. Melissa, don't think that you can abuse your power in TEG after being a general manager. Let me tell you, I can make Rorey lose her reputation. I can also make you the


gave Melissa a warning and looked away.


told Melissa with her actions that she, Rosiley, didn't


going to kill


covered in heavy makeup,


the company soon.


company now. Melissa may


“I know.”


Rosiley smiled indifferently.


went to see Melissa, Rosiley


a few days ago. I'm afraid that she will do something these days. You must


Yayoi reminded with concern.

as worried as before. Because she knew that Rosiley had her own plans. Even if Rosiley was bullied by others, she would still be


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“What are you doing?"


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were so frightened that they stopped in a hurry. But

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