The convenient Bride

Chapter 140: Deal

After work at noon, Rosiley had lunch with Sachin as they had agreed.


After finishing her meal, Rosiley returned to TEG and was immediately assigned an interview task.


A superstar in the entertainment industry, Alfred, came to Benin City to film an advertisement. She would only stay in the city for two days with a busy schedule. But she agreed to spare half an hour for TEG's interview.


As a result, the top managers of the company instructed Rosiley to dig up information about her new movie by all means.


Alfred was so famous that any little news about her could make headlines, most of which were worth a lot of money.


Rosiley was a little frustrated when she got the job.


She had once published an affair of Alfred and was hated by her. If Rosiley went to interview the superstar, she would probably have a hard time.


At three oclock in the afternoon, Rosiley followed the address given by the company and arrived where Alfred was filming the advertisement.


This was a natural scenic spot in Benin City, surrounded by green hills and clear rivers. Because it was located in the suburbs area with famous villas nearby, many movies, TV dramas, and advertisements were shot here.


Alfred was filming a jewelry advertisement. The crew had hired a lot of bodyquards to prevent the jewelry from being stolen.


When Rosiley arrived, Alfred was in a wedding dress, posing in the cabin on the lake.


She had much valuable jewelry on her, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and crowns. She was shiny, and her good shape was in plain view, attracting gazes from many staff around her.


Rosiley watched her at the shore for a while before going straight to Alfred's assistant for the interview.


“Is TEG understaffed? Why do they send you here? We are very busy with our work and don't want someone to ruin our mood. If TEG doesn't have any other reporters, please leave. We won't accept this interview.”


Alfred's assistant Nancy Lee refused Rosiley unceremoniously. It was obvious that she still had a grudge for what Rosiley had done to them.


Rosiley frowned and said patiently, "Miss Lee, it takes 40 minutes from our company to get here. If you want another interviewer, that's fine. But does Miss Alfred have that much time? If not, why don't you cooperate?”


“We're not sure if you will write nonsense news harmful to Alfred again. Anyway, it's not negotiable. Either you leave or no interview, it's as simple as that.”


Without waiting for Rosiley to reply, Nancy strode away immediately.


She had no choice but to call some of her subordinates to


surprise, however, all of her subordinates


from everybody, "I'm sorry, Ms. Rosiley. The general


Rosiley finally understood.


it was Melissa who appointed


made a move. Knowing that Rosiley had a grudge against Alfred, she deliberately sent her here so that Alfred could humiliate




not so


and went to Nancy again. “Please


glance at Rosiley and said, “Do you think you can meet her if you like?


here to complete my work. Miss


she could and


you so annoying? If you're




Lee, I hope you can take responsibility for your decision. Don't

“What do you mean?"


sudden comments changed


her that I want to make a deal with her. As long as she agrees to my interview, I will give her a piece of


to be negotiating at all but as if she was talking


to change her clothes. Hearing what Rosiley, she asked evenly, “What kind of deal? Tell me about


triumphantly, Rosiley nodded and followed


makeup artist removed Alfred's makeup. The superstar was like a


help but pursed her


celebrities were


me, what kind of deal are you going to make? What good will it do


cigarette for herself and seductively


smiled faintly, “Accept my interview in exchange


you mean by


lounge froze suddenly as Alfred stared at


also glared


news in his hand and is asking around for high-priced purchases. As for the content of the news,


"Can I believe you?"


cigarette and asked with

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