The convenient Bride

Chapter 139: Public Display of Affection

After returning to the Media Department, Lina gathered everyone from the department to a meeting.


The new president and boss had just taken office, and it was unknown if the company's policies would change or not. Hence, Lina solemnly instructed her subordinates to do their jobs and behave themselves, so as not to leave a bad impression on the new president.


Lonny thought for a while before asked Lina suddenly, "Lina, do you know why Mr. Shen came to TEG? I heard that his career has been very successful abroad. Is it true?”


"I'm not sure.” Lina glanced at her indifferently. "His career is his own business, which we have no right to stick our noses in. I hope you know what to ask and what not to ask. Your priority now is to get two headlines in next week's weekly magazine!”




Lonny did not say anything else. Lights flashed in her eyes but betrayed none of her thoughts.


Yayoi pursed her lips and sneered, "Some just don't have any self-awareness and dream of suddenly being rich and noble.”


"Yayoi, what did you say?” Lonny's face changed.


"Nothing. I was just saying. Don't take it seriously.”


Yayoi grinned annoyingly.


Lonny was furious. Just as she was about to retort, Lina said coldly, "Stop arguing. I hope you all do your job well. Also, the new president is not to be underestimated. You better not let him find out what you just said. Otherwise, you'll be fired.”


Lina wasn't threatening them. Judging from the grumpy new president she met today, he was definitely not a man to provoke.


After the meeting, Lina stopped Rosiley and asked her, "Rosiley, you know who the new president is, don't you?”


Rosiley nodded, "Yeah, the young master of the Shen family. People are all talking about him."


“So do you know him?” Lina asked.


Caught off guard, Rosiley chuckled, “Why would you ask that? I don't know him. How could people like me know the kind from family as great as the Shen family?"


“Is that so?”


Lina didn't believe it.


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"... She's my wife!”




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married? Why didn't I know? How could you not inform me of such an

a secret that you're my cousin. Otherwise, she will be unhappy


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Maddox was speechless.


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became excited

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