The convenient Bride

Chapter 138: So Arrogant

Lina hurried to the CEO's office, only to find Melissa sitting on the sofa.


When their eyes met, Lina was surprised for a short moment.


With her shrewdness, she knew at once that something was wrong. However, she maintained a calm expression on her face and asked said the CEO politely, “Mr. Zhao, what can I do for you?"


“Lina, here's the thing...”


The CEO nodded and glanced at Melissa. "I heard that a subordinate in your department has disrespected Ms. Su. Is this true?"




Lina frowned.


Although she had guessed that Melissa got her here for nothing good, she had never expected that this woman would even turn to the CEO to deal with Rosiley.


"Mr. Zhao, Rosiley did say something back to Ms. Su. But that was not disrespect. She just slipped up. I will criticize her after I come back.”


Lina pondered over the wording and smoothed over the thing that happened a few days ago casually with few words.


Eyes turning icy at her explanation, Melissa warned Lina, "Ms. Lina, think twice before you say it and don't ruin your career. Don't make mistakes yourself. Everyone saw how Rosiley disrespected her boss. Keeping such people in TEG will only corrupt the spirit of the company.”


Lina shook her head inwardly. Melissa was determined to drive Rosiley away!


But as Rosiley's supervisor, she was unable to change the decision. So she simply put on a serious expression and said in a low voice, "Ms. Su, you're exaggerating. Rosiley has always been self-disciplined and earnest in her work and is more competent than other employees. She is a rare talent. Coupled with her hard work and excellent achievements over years, I can't find a reason to chase her out of the company. *