The convenient Bride

Chapter 137: I'll Find You No Matter Where You Are

Noting her exhaustion, Sachin felt sorry for her. He walked over, crouched down beside her, and gently stroked her long hair. He asked gently, “What happened?"


Low and deep, his voice seemed to possess the power of cheering her up. It sounded very warm and comfortable.


Rosiley opened her eyes and looked at him.


Sachin was in warm-colored homey clothes and looked rather handsome. Rosiley had always believed that men who looked good in any kind of clothes were truly handsome. Sachin was one of them. He was even more attractive than any beauties.


Moreover, even if he was in warm-colored clothes, his unique cool temperament wasn't compromised.


Unable to move her gaze away from him, Rosiley could not help but tease him, "You're so handsome!"


Sachin smiled and said tenderly, "Then I'll allow you to watch me for the rest of your life.”


“Why are you so nice to me?"


Rosiley was touched.


No matter how she fought with others outside, she would be tired.


No matter how brave and bright she was, she was still a young lady, who was fragile sometimes and needed someone to protect her.


Neither Yayoi and Juliet could protect her, but this man did.


She could feel the warmth of Sachin's palm. His deep sea-like black eyes were focused on her with affection, love, and care as if she was the treasure he cherished.


Ever since her mother passed away, she had never seen such kind of gaze again.


Sachin was silent for a long time about her question.


After a long stretch, he replied, “Because you are my wife. My value is to be with you when you are tired, when you need protection, and when you need someone to rely on. If possible, I'd rather you weren't that independent. I hope my wife can be happy. When you were on yourself, they bullied you at will. Now that you are my wife, I will do my best to take care of you