The convenient Bride

Chapter 136: Play Dumb

Rosiley's words hit the nail on the head.


Everyone was silent at what they heard.


in a company where mediocrity was never tolerated, employees were where they were not because of luck but their abilities.


Rosiley earned her position as a deputy manager from hard work.


Not only could she endure hardship, but her ability was also outstanding. News edited by her would make the headlines every time.


It was too much for Melissa to make things difficult for Rosiley the moment she took office.


All of a sudden, everyone looked at Melissa with odd expressions.


The general manager certainly felt everyone's gaze, and her face twitched involuntarily.


This damned Rosiley instigated everyone so easily.


Now, not only could she not fire Rosiley, she could not even demote her as deputy manager. Otherwise, all she got would be employees’ disappointment and the failure of her attempt to establish authority.


Melissa was seething at the thought of that.




“Good, Rosiley! No wonder you got the better of Rorey and Yunis!"


“Since you've humiliated me in front of everyone, you're not going to have a good time in the company!”


“Alright. Since you've said that, I'd be unreasonable if I kept making a big deal about it.”


Melissa took a deep breath and tried all she could to suppress her rage, but her face was a little twisted from too much fury. "I know you're all working very hard. The aim of this meeting for me to get to know you and I never want to deprive your hard-earned achievements. But I've remembered a subordinate who contradicted her boss today. I hope you won't do it again next time. "