The convenient Bride

Chapter 135: Troublemaker

Melissa's appearance hushed the whispering crowd immediately and attracted everyone's gaze.


Soon enough, Melissa and a few senior managers sat side by side at the front.


She looked up and skimmed the crowd with her disturbing eyes, “All the senior staff of each department are here, right?”




Everyone replied in unison.


"Very good.”


Melissa nodded in satisfaction. When she saw Rosiley, her gaze lingered on her for two seconds before she looked away as if nothing had happened and continued. "I am Melissa. From today onwards, I will take over the position of General Manager of TEG. I hope that in the days I work with you, we can work together to make TEG a better place. So, now, managers and

deputy managers of each department, please introduce yourselves. I need to know you.”


“Let's start from the front!"


After her request, managers of the various departments in the conference hall began to stand up and introduce themselves.


"Hello, Ms. Su. I am Norman Cooper, manager of the film and television development department and this is my deputy manager, Regan Hamilton.”


"Hello, Ms. Su. I'm the director of the planning department...”


Department managers introduced themselves one after another. Fifteen minutes later, it was finally the turn of the media department.


Rosiley narrowed her eyes warily.


“I'm the manager of the media department, Lina. They are the deputy managers of my department, Lonny and Rosiley.”


Lina stood up and reported evenly, with her expression neither humble nor arrogant.


as her eyes swept over Lonny


situation. She stood up immediately and said respectfully, “Hello, Ms. Su. I am Lonny.


“Okay, please sit down.”


Why do you have two in yours? TEG


She made a move!


skipped a


enough, this woman was determined to


are appointed by the top managers, so there is no such thing as redundant. Moreover, they are competent and more than qualified


to make things difficult for Rosiley, Lina offered her


knew that Lonny had

position. If I remember correctly, it takes at least three years for TEG's internal


reputation in the company. Her scandalous affairs have spread everywhere, some of which even compromised TEG's honor. I wondered how


something strange


general manager seemed to be taking aim at


sharp, and it was based


woman was indeed difficult to

to say something to defense


before her manager could and said leisurely, "You seem to have a lot of objections to


from my point of view. There s no need to have two deputy managers


face showing that she offered no room for any further


their heads inwardly and


even complained silently that Rosiley was such a troublemaker. Wherever she


dorit have the right to fire me. Back then, l was promoted based on


are you talking


in Melissas instant


uproar, astonished that Rosiley


bold and wondered

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