The convenient Bride

Chapter 134: Bad Comer

“Why does she come back so soon?"


Rosiley's face changed slightly with her delicate eyebrows knitted.


"I guess she's trying to teach you a lesson. I heard that once this woman takes over, she would reorganize the company. How impressive!”


Despite the ridicule, Yayoi frowned too, with a severe look on her face.


It was not a good thing that Melissa made such a scene the moment she came back.


Perhaps her main purpose in doing so was to against Rosiley.


Rosiley had thought of this as well, and her pretty face darkened. "A new official applies strict measures.”


"Huh, but the top managers probably won't agree with her to do so, would they?”


Yayoi still had hope, but it was soon disillusioned by Rosiley.


"There is a high possibility that they will agree.”


Rosiley recalled her memories of Melissa and explained, "Although that woman is annoying, she is very good at management. It was said that when she first joined AR GROUP a few years ago, she was only in charge of a subsidiary that was losing money every year. However, in the short five years, she managed to save the company. I heard that she got the title of ‘Best Manager’. The woman is rather famous. "


"Then according to you, not only will the company not stop her, but it will also be very supportive of her?”


Finally, a trace of concerns showed on Yayoi's face.


"Very likely!"


Rosiley nodded and clenched her fist tightly.


This was a bad comer!


"Then what should we do next? Do we need to get prepared?”


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10 a.m., TEG held a press


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