The convenient Bride

Chapter 132: A Triple Blessing

At the Ji's villa.


The crisis of the Ji Group in the past two months had exhausted the Jis. The family was now relieved that they have managed to escape the close bankruptcy.


At the hall of the Ji's villa, the three Jis, along with Rorey and her mother, sat on the sofa with relaxed looks on their faces.


"Yunis, your cousin will be home in a few days. Remember to pick her up for dinner at that time. If it weren't for her this time, we would probably not have been able to overcome this crisis.”


Quinta looked at Yunis, who was sitting beside her, with a faint smile on her face. She finally recovered her ladylike behaviors.


Quinta also had a bad time in the past two months.


She used to be flattered wherever she went.


After the accident of the Ji Group, however, all the wealthy ladies who had been so close to her chose to stay away from her. The feeling of being ignored was very uncomfortable. Now that the Ji Group had gotten a way out, she could finally reinstate her position as the Ji family’s matriarch.


"Don't worry, Mom. I'll see to it.”


Yunis smiled. The nervous look on his face, which he had maintained for the last two months, was also retaken by his usual elegance.


Not as carefree as his wife and son, Louie still had a trace of gloom on his aged face. "I was so busy getting rid of the project that I didn't think about it carefully. Now in retrospect, I found it too strange. Who the hell set us up? We have little enemies, but Melissa reminded me that someone might frame us."


"But who is that capable? Few in the country can completely suppress us except the four great families, who we never offend. So it's very unlikely that they did it.”


when it came


the company's affairs, he was inferior in front of others for the past


previously worked closely with the Ji


from the Ji Group. If


eyes turned cold at the thought


"Could it be Rosiley?"


side? Because of




is not easy to get in touch with them, not to mention that Rosiley has a good relationship with that man. Besides, you're not the only one who thinks of this. The man might be something, but obviously, he couldn't have anything


the other three are in the country. But they were so high in status that even Dad found it extremely difficult to meet them. I don't think Rosiley can befriend


that he was the best man Rosiley had ever known. Even though she had an outstanding man by her side already, Yunis was still confident enough to compare


eldest young master of the Lu family. Nor did he know that Rosiley


be a great blow to him if


her go. Isn't Melissa going to work for TEG? With her position, she could sort Rosiley out easily. If that woman dares to resist,

and snorted coldly, her


have the inheritance right of the Tang Group. From now on, her status would rocket while


to figure out the man's background. Even if he isn't from the four great families, we still need to make clear where he comes from,


make it that complicated as Rorey did but just


their previous discussion, suddenly voiced with a smile, "Now the crisis with the company has been settled and Rorey is pregnant. We've agreed to have Yunis and Rorey get married in three months, should we get preparing now? We'll


Jis were caught off guard


saved the company from

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