The convenient Bride

Chapter 131: Crush Their Hope

Payton was aggrieved. He came all the way here to deliver lunch to Rosiley and Sachin, only to find himself maligned the moment he arrived.


He walked into the room and as soon as he saw Juliet, he curled his lips. "You petty woman!"




Juliet gave him a ferocious stare and snorted.


Payton was a little angry and then put down the lunch, rolled up his sleeves, and approached Juliet, "You've always called me that. Since you think so, if I fail to fulfill your wish, I would be very sorry."


"What do you want to do?"


Juliet stepped back with a vigilant look on her face.


Payton smirked and waved his hands in front of her and said, “Being a true playboy. Tell me, should I drag you out and do it directly or do you want me to do it like last time?"


"Don't you dare!"


Juliet stared at his swaying sinister hands and gritted her teeth. "You can try and see if I could castrate you!"


The two were at each other's throats as soon as they met. Rosiley shook her head in amusement at that.


Yayoi laughed and joked, "Why don't you go out and get a room to have a ‘serious quarrel’? This is a hospital. No noise here."


"Shut up."


Juliet and Payton rolled their eyes at Yayoi simultaneously.


Yayoi's interruption ceased their fight, but they still didn't like each other.