The convenient Bride

Chapter 130: Amazing, My Young Lady

Butler Zhao left soon. Rosiley couldn't wait to give the potion to the doctor for testing.


Unexpectedly, the doctor did not recognize the potion. “This thing must have been sent in from abroad. There is no such potion on the market at present. So, I need further testing to figure out the ingredients.”


“Thank you.” After leaving the doctor's office politely, Rosiley took a deep breath and tried to suppress her anxiety.


Sachin hugged her and whispered in her ear, “There will be a result soon. Don't worry.”


Rosiley leaned against him and suddenly felt tired. “Do you think there really are such heartless people in this world?”


Over the years, she had fought Rorey and her mother alone and suffered countless grievances. However, she had refused to admit defeat. She fought back desperately like a female warrior and always enjoyed it.


However, when her father suddenly and mysteriously fell down, she was stunned by how malicious these two women were.


Sachin knew what Rosiley was thinking. He hugged her tightly and said softly, “Yes. But that kind of person usually doesn't have a good ending. You still have me!”


Rosiley nodded. She still had him! Only by his side could she feel at ease.


At noon, Juliet and Yayoi arrived before the doctor reported the testing result of the potion.


Rosiley was in a better mood seeing her best friends. She looked at Juliet and asked curiously, “What have you been doing in these past few days? Busy bee.”


“What can I do? Of course I’m doing business.”