The convenient Bride

Chapter 128: Nobody Can Touch Her Things

Rosiley nodded and forced herself to cheer up, saying, “I might have to stay here tonight and can't go home.”


Sachin thought for a moment and made a decision, “I'll stay with you.”


“I can do it myself. Furthermore, Xenia might come back later and you will meet her.”


“Don't worry. Leave it to me.”


Sachin shook his head, took out his phone from his pocket and called Lane.


In less than ten minutes, the hospital director personally came to here and arranged a separate lounge for Sachin and Rosiley.


This treatment could not be said to be very good. But it was what Rosiley needed most now. Seneca was still unconscious. Judging from the attitude of Xenia and Rorey, they might not take care of him wholeheartedly. Therefore, Rosiley did not expect much of them.


After the lounge was ready, Rosiley and Sachin moved in. It wasn't very luxurious but quiet enough. Other facilities were complete and it was very convenient for them.


After a few hours of busy work, it was seven o'clock in the evening.


According to Sachin’s orders, Lane brought dinner over and reported work.


After listening to Lane’s report, Sachin nodded. He then gave a brief explanation. Finally, he said, “Help me cancel the schedule for these two days. You can make a direct decision on important matters.”


“Alright, President Lu.”


Lane respectfully took orders. He said hesitantly, “Besides, there is one more thing...”


“What's wrong?”


Seeing Lane's hesitant expression, Sachin frowned and asked.