The convenient Bride

Chapter 123: She Only Wants Sachin

Rosiley's heart skipped a beat. She was extremely frightened, but she tried her best to pretend to be indifference. She said, “Don't come over. You can't afford the consequences.”


The four men didn't even bother to listen to her words. In the blink of an eye, they walked over to Rosiley and said, “You can't scare us with that. Tonight, you should obediently be our toy. Perhaps when we are done, we will let you go.”


“No way!” Rosiley scolded with an ugly expression. Looking at the wretched faces in front of her, she only felt sick. The thought of being touched by them made her disgusted. If she still couldn't escape in the end, she would rather die than compromise.


“You are really stubborn, aren't you? But it's good. We like it. Brothers, it seems like we'll have a good time tonight!” The man at the front licked his lips. He finally reached out to Rosiley.


Looking at his hand, which was about to land on her body, Rosiley’s face instantly turned pale. Fear spread in her heart. In the end, she even felt despair. She thought of Sachin! Sachin would always appear when she needed him the most. He would always take care of her when she needed protection the most. He was cold and indifferent to others, but he would always be so gentle when he was with her. At such a crisis moment, Rosiley realized that all she thought about was Sachin.


In just a few months, he had become indispensable to her. “Sachin, Sachin ... where are you?” Rosiley's eyes turned red. She only wanted Sachin for her entire life. She didn't want to give anyone else the chance to even touch her.


Just as Rosiley become more and more desperate, the door of the warehouse was suddenly kicked open. The loud sound shocked everyone, especially the four burly men. The man at the front put on a sinister expression as he said, “Who is it?”


There was only suffocating silence in response.


At the entrance, a tall man stood upright. His handsome face seemed as cold as ice. He was angry, and his gaze was cold and terrifying. He was fit and noble, like a young master of the Middle Age. But at the moment, he was merely Satan. It was Sachin.


He followed the location of Rosiley on his phone and finally found this abandoned warehouse. But he was shocked when he found that Rosiley was kidnapped! He took a deep breath and slowly landed his gaze on Rosiley, who was on the ground.


Rosiley was sitting there in a sorry state, her hands and feet tied by thick ropes. Her delicate face was covered with dirt. She was leaning against a corner of the wall in fear.


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invisible hand was fiercely pinching his heart. A look of savageness crawled onto his face. The terrifying aura of him


men swallowed their saliva. One of them said boldly, “What are you afraid of? He's alone. If we beat him together, will he have any chance of


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darkness in his eyes made the four's hair stand on end. Their faces were also filled with


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hand on her neck. He shouted angrily, “Stop! Otherwise, I don’t know whether she can still


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