The convenient Bride

Chapter 120: The Slaps

“If it weren't for you, my parents wouldn't get imprisoned. You'll get what's coming to you.”


Yayoi said with anger.


“Ha-ha, you're really angry, aren't you?”


Candance became even more complacent. “I don’t know whether I and Vito will be punished, but I do know that your parents will suffer. Perhaps they will be jailed for several years.”


“Candance, don't get cocky. Although your father is the CEO of the Young Group, there must be someone who can deal with you.”


Yayoi clenched her teeth and said.


Candance smiled, “Indeed, there are many people in this world who can deal with me. But you can't. Otherwise ... you wouldn't be trapped by me.”


She was very provocative.


“Candance, shame on you!” Yayoi was so angry that she raised her hand to slap her.


However, Vito grabbed her hand.


“Yayoi, don't go too far.” He said in a cold voice, which made Rosiley’s face covered with anger.


Sachin and Payton were surprised by her anger.