The convenient Bride

Chapter 117: She Must Pay the Price

“It is a serious problem. Since those paparazzi had given enough evidence for the news, our company could only resort to PR and issued some apologies, but it didn't work well. Moreover, the company and the set are surrounded by the media now, so it might not be easy for us to leave here.”


The assistant reported everything to Manny with a serious expression.


Manny clenched her fists tightly, “One of you pretend to be me later to distract the reporters. Arrange a car for me, and I'll secretly leave here.”




The assistant nodded and hurriedly left.


After the assistant left, her agent said to Manny worriedly, “Manny, I’m afraid it's impossible to make things right. This morning, all the directors called me and told me that they would let other actresses replace you. Moreover, the contracts of endorsements and commercial activities were all terminated. Our company has to pay a large amount of penalty, which has already irritated the higher-ups. At worst, I’m afraid the company will give you up.”


Manny was astonished.


She gritted her teeth with fear.


Manny had entered the entertainment industry for ten years. She rose from obscurity to popularity.


She had made much efforts in order to make her way out in the entertainment industry in the past decade.


She was only thirty years old, and she still had a promising future. However, she lost her reputation, and it would be even harder for her to turn over in the future than a rookie.


Besides, she had many enemies in the past few years. Many of them must be laughing at her and waiting for the chance to jeer at her.