The convenient Bride

Chapter 116: From Heaven to Hell

They found the room empty when they arrived, and Yayoi wasn't there.


But Rosiley noticed the key on the table and knew that Yayoi was at home.


They went to the bedroom and saw Yayoi inside.


However, Yayoi seemed in a low spirit. She curled up in the corner, with her head lowered, overwhelmed with sadness.


The room was dim with all the curtains closed, shutting the sunshine out.




Rosiley and Juliet gently crouched down in front of her and said softly.


Yayoi trembled at hearing this. Then, she slowly raised her head and looked at them.


Rosiley felt heartbroken for Yayoi when she touched Yayoi's face.


Yayoi’s eyes were red and swollen, filled with sadness and self-accusation. Her makeup had been ruined by tears.


Rosiley felt upset too. When she also felt hurt when she was betrayed before, but she bore all the pain herself.