The convenient Bride

Chapter 115: Contingency

He quickly invaded her delicate lips and continuously sucked the fragrance from her mouth. Their breathes entangled, and their bodies tightly clasped together. An extreme heat slowly wrapped around them.


In a daze, Rosiley felt her body became hotter and hotter. She felt as if she was bathed in a blazing fire, and she was about to lose her rationality.


He continued to kiss her. His kisses went down, leaving deep marks on her beautiful neck.


Her upper clothes was unbuttoned, and her alluring snow-white breasts were faintly visible. Her sexy purple underwear wrapped around her breasts, making her more beautiful and sexier.


At this moment, Sachin finally let go of her.


He approached to her ear and said in a sexy voice, “Rosiley, I want you tonight.”


Rosiley lay in his arms and nodded embarrassingly, “Go back to the room, okay? Don't do it here.”


“Alright, as you wish.”


He picked her up, quickly went upstairs and entered the room.


The door was slowly closed, blocking the beautiful scene inside.


The next morning, Rosiley woke up from Sachin’s embrace again. Feeling the warmth and peace from him, she couldn't help but smile contentedly.


They got up and washed up. Then they went downstairs to eat breakfast.


At the dining table, Sachin drank milk and asked casually, “Rosiley, did anything happen to you last night when you were with Yayoi?”


“No. Why do you ask?”


Rosiley was chewing on an egg. Hearing him ask this, she couldn't help but feel a little puzzled.


Sachin glanced at her and said, “Really? Think about it carefully?”


we said that we wouldn't be drunk last night, but Yayoi suddenly left. She called me later. I felt that something was wrong at that time and


really have happened


Yayoi’s parents seem to be executives of the Young Group, but they seem to have been fired recently. It is said that they are financially corrupt and will likely be sent to be investigated according to law. If they are lucky, they will be clear.




dropped the knife and fork in her hand onto the table. “They have always been kind. It’s absolutely


excited. Let me


pondered for a moment before slowly saying, “Yayoi's parents were indeed wronged. However,


should we




didn't realize that such a big


is still room for change on this matter. As long as we get evidence to prove that Yayoi’s parents are innocent, then this charge will naturally not be implemented. However, you have to pay more attention to Yayoi


a little serious, and his expression


puzzled, “Yayoi is not the kind of


the person who caused Yayoi's parents to fall into this situation was



eyes were filled with disbelief, “You mean that Vito did this to Yayoi's parents? It was because of Vito? How could it be? Yayoi and Vito


then, you and Yunis seemed to be good. What did he do to you


was only a short sentence, it made


good relationship. Even if they were married, they could still get


Rosiley couldn't help but look down. “Why did Vito do this?”


and he was already with Candance Young, the daughter


is totally out of


was angry


could one understand the heart-wrenching pain


almost unable to hold on. If it weren't for Yayoi accompanying her, she would


couldn't imagine what Yayoi would really do after this series of


the company now. Yayoi is not as calm as me, nor


have time to eat breakfast. She hurriedly got up


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