The convenient Bride

Chapter 114: Advice and Warning

Suddenly being shouted by Manny, Rosiley couldn't help but stop and asked indifferently, “What's the matter?”


Manny walked over and glanced at Rosiley. She said gloomily, “You'd better ignore what you saw just now.”


“Are you ordering me?"


Hearing this woman's words, Rosiley frowned.


“I'm just advising you not to do so much. Otherwise, you won't have a good ending.”


Manny stared at Rosiley, and her tone was exceptionally serious.


She was used to being arrogant. So it was impossible for her to be polite to Rosiley.


“Manny, I think you should figure out one thing first. If you're weak, you have to be polite. Don't be arrogant. First, I don't owe you anything. Second, I’m just passing by. I’m not interested in what you're doing. Also, please pay attention to your tone. What qualifications do you have for ordering me?”


Rosiley looked at Manny mockingly and didn't care about her.


In terms of strength, she wouldn't lose to anyone!


Hearing this, Manny's face turned red.


Manny had also heard that Rosiley wasn't easy to cope with. Originally, she was quite disdainful of Rosiley. She felt that Rosiley was just a reporter, and no matter how powerful Rosiley was, Rosiley would not be able to trouble her. Therefore, Manny also looked down on Rorey, who had repeatedly failed.


However, after this, Manny knew how difficult Rosiley was to deal with.


This woman was not as stupid as she imagined!


“What exactly do you want?”


Manny thought for a long time. She finally gritted her teeth and asked.