The convenient Bride

Chapter 113: Thank You for Not Marrying Me

Hearing this, Yayoi couldn't help but laugh, “Huh, Juliet, you underestimate Rosiley. Rosiley tried her best to counter-attack. Rorey also suffered a lot. Rosiley is better than you thought.”


Rosiley felt warm and moved.


They three had different family backgrounds. Rosiley was the daughter of the Tang family and she was well provided since childhood. However, under the suppression of Xenia and Rorey, she had not lived satisfactorily.


Although Yayoi’s background wasn't as good as Rosiley's, her parents were both supervisors of famous companies. She also lived a decent life.


As for Juliet, she lived like a princess. Her family was involved in military and politics. Her parents had been doing business abroad all year round. She was a beloved princess since she was young, and she lived a carefree life. She had the title of bossy princess.


What she disliked the most was people bullying her friends.


Rosiley couldn't help but felt moved. She had suffered a lot over these past few years. Only Yayoi and Juliet were the few people who truly cared about her.


Rosiley was moved to the point of sniffling. She slowly pulled her thoughts back and smiled, “You don't have to do these things. If they want to play, then we'll play with them. Let's just think of it as finding some fun.”


“Alright. I'm a little interested in it after hearing what you said. When it comes to play, no one can compare to me. I guarantee that they won't be able to fight back.”


Putting aside this matter, Juliet’s gaze changed and she suddenly changed the topic, “Stop talking about these disappointing things anymore. What I'm more curious about now is the one who married you.”


“He's kind to me.”


Speaking of Sachin, Rosiley’s gaze suddenly turned gentle. “Yunis is not qualified to compare with him at all,” she said with a smile.


“Well? So good?”


Juliet raised her eyebrows in surprise.


She knew that once Rosiley was hurt, it would be very difficult for her to trust others. Earlier, she had heard from Yayoi that Rosiley had married a man that they were unfamiliar with. Juliet felt that Rosiley was too impulsive.