The convenient Bride

Chapter 111: Playboy

Rosiley and Yayoi rushed towards the Public Security Bureau after leaving the filming place.


The Public Security Bureau of the Benin City was very noisy. Many uniformed police officers were busy and shuttling back and forth. Some criminals who had committed minor offenses were sitting there being told off. It seemed that everything was in order.


But soon, all the sound stopped at a shout of a woman.


“Anyway, I won't leave today unless this bastard is arrested and put into prison!”


Everyone heard this although her voice was not very loud. They all turned to look her curiously.


At a table on the left side of the hall was a beautiful woman with fine skin. She was tightly wrapped in a red dress. Her sexy figure was tempting and showed an alluring aura.


She was extremely beautiful, her eyes charming and her body delicate. However, judging from her tone, it was obvious that she was not a woman to be trifled with.


When everyone looked at her, they would be dazzled by her beauty. She was so attractive.


However, everyone's expressions changed again soon. The astonishment towards her quickly turned into disbelief!


Damn it. The middle-aged man standing in front of her was the director!


How dared this woman to give orders to the director?


Everyone was astonished. ‘Who is this beauty? How could she do that?’ Some even rubbed their eyes for they couldn't believe what they saw.


“Girl, this man said that you misunderstand him. Furthermore, it seems like he has done nothing wrong to you. Shall we stop messing around? You've just returned. So hurry up and go home. OK?”


The director tried to calm her down, but in fact felt very upset. He wished he could immediately send the annoying woman away.


Hearing this, the beautiful woman widened her eyes and argued in an arrogant tone. “No, what he said doesn't count. If you don’t arrest him today, I'll put myself into prison for two days. Then what are you going to do to deal with the Old Man!”


hearing this. When he was just about to speak, the man sitting aside shouted, “Hey, why are you so unreasonable? I told you that it was just an accident. I apologized, and I was also beaten by you. Why


as tall as a model and looked very handsome. He was somewhat unruly and arrogant. It could be seen from the way he dressed that he


were here. Because this guy was no one but


was also full of anger and sighed in his heart. Why did he meet such a


didn’t chop off your hand. You still want to


woman snorted coldly and fiercely


do it


eyes helplessly


going to the airport to pick up someone in the afternoon, but accidentally touched


after, they were brought


matter whether you did it on purpose


director, “How is it, old man? Are you going to lock

helpless. He couldn't help but curse the subordinate


a big trouble into the police station and even caught a man of the Lu


young man beside her was someone that they could afford to offend. He wanted to send them


this, the


chief of the bureau be so inferior


worrying about how to reconcile the conflict between them, footsteps suddenly


the Public Security Bureau, they saw the familiar figure not far away. They smiled at each other and hurriedly walked


were near, Rosiley shouted,




voice, the woman called Juliet Elton immediately turned around, and her original delicate and


at Rosiley and Yayoi rushing over in surprise. She ran to them immediately and said, “Rosiley, Yayoi, you


“We miss you too.”


smiled and hugged Juliet, and Rosiley's face was brimming with


returning is really strange. Arrested at the

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