The convenient Bride

Chapter 109: Retreat Unscathed

Rosiley was a little anxious.


Sachin's exposure was definitely a coincidence. Someone must have hacked her Weibo.


Who could it be?


The goal in doing so was to expel Rosiley from the entertainment industry.


Because offending Sachin would basically never be able to be famous in the entertainment circle.


However, the other party hadn't apparently known her relationship with Sachin. Although the plan failed, the intentions behind were extremely sinister.


"It's just a small matter. Rosiley, there's no need to worry. I'll deal with it.”


Just as Rosiley was thinking, Sachin sent another message.


Although it was just a short sentence, Rosiley felt much more at ease.


She believed that with Sachin's ability and REG's influence, this news would disappear very quickly.


Rosiley was right.


Just as everyone was waiting to laugh at Rosiley, those two photos that had become so popular on the Internet disappeared in just an hour.


Weibo, major news websites, videos ... All news related to those photos disappeared.


Following that, REG made a statement. "Under a private negotiation with Miss Tang, it was proved that the accidental exposure of President Lu was a mistake due to the effect of alcohol. Therefore, President Lu does not intend to hold anyone accountable, but hopes that Miss Tang can use this as a warning. At the same time, we hope that no one will make such a

mistake in the future. Otherwise, we will definitely investigate and hold them responsible.”


The statement showed that Rosiley's mistake was nothing to President Lu. In an instant, it shocked the entire showbiz.


Everyone felt that Rosiley had been lucky enough to be able to escape unscathed.


However, a small number of people felt that this matter was a little strange.