The convenient Bride

Chapter 108: I'll Give Myself to You

"Can you hear me out first?"


Her voice was soft and gentle, making it impossible for anyone to refuse.


He nodded and stared at her with his deep eyes, which seemed to be accumulating desire that had been suppressed for a long time.


Rosiley believed that as long as she accidentally lit it up, she would be greeted with an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm.


"I thought it would be hard for me to care about another person, so I got married because I was so angry. However, as time went by, I found that I couldn't control my heart. It cared about you more and more and would always beat faster because of your words or actions.” She said with a shy expression.


"Yunis was very important to me, but now I am very sure that I don't like him anymore. I..."


She pointed at her heart and said to Sachin, “You're the only one in my heart. I can confirm that I like you. That's why I want to live with you for the rest of my life.”


"In the past, you were always suppressing yourself. Now, I can finally give myself to you. I am willing to give myself to you. 

Would you accept it?”


Would you accept it?


When a woman took the initiative to say those words, the courage she needed was hard to imagine.


Normally, it was impossible for Rosiley to say these romantic things.


Tonight, however, she seemed to intentionally tell him everything she thought with the help of alcohol.


In the most direct way, she told Sachin that she was ready to give herself to him. Would Sachin accept it? Would he accept all of her?


There was a brief silence in the bathroom.


and smiled softly. "I have been waiting for


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