The convenient Bride

Chapter 107: I'm All Set

Although Rosiley had been fighting Rorey openly and secretly these past few years, she had never been afraid of anything.


However, when she was drunk, locked up in the bathroom, and drenched in cold water, she felt helpless and perplexed.


Sachin could feel that she was trembling. He lowered his head and saw that Rosiley’s face was extremely pale and she was huddling in his arms. She looked very weak.


Sachin didn't say anything. He hugged Rosiley tighter and turned around to walk out.


"Sachin, is Rosiley alright? Do we need to call an ambulance?"


Yayoi followed him worriedly.


"It's fine! I'lltake her home. Ask Payton to find out who did this tonight!”


Sachin's expression was terrifying. His pitch-black eyes were frightening.


Yayoi was shocked and hurriedly nodded. “Alright.”


After leaving the restaurant, Sachin returned home with Rosiley immediately.


Rosiley was unconscious and drunk. The water on her body wet Sachin's clothes.


Sachin didn't care about it too much. He carried her back to his room and wanted to put her on the bed, but in the end, he turned around and went into the bathroom.


“Rosiley, I have to clean you first." Sachin said softly.


After placing Rosiley on the ground, Sachin turned around to keep the bathtub full.


Rosiley was about to fall when she stood.


Sachin quickly supported her and found that she was breathing heavily. There was the smell of alcohol on her body. She could barely stand.


“Are you alright?"


her and


slightly. The blurry scene in front of her continued to overlap in layers. After


“Sachin, luckily you're here..."


softly and then leaned against


and said apologetically, “It's my fault. I didn't


said that he would not let her suffer any more injuries in the


shook her head. “I don't blame


softly, "Change your clothes first. You're a little drunk and


sleep.” Rosiley shook her


wet. You will catch


him and giggled. "Then ... Sachin, do you want to take


Sachin was stunned.


want to take a bath with


do, then I won't take


muttered, rubbed against his chest and found a


little woman in his


take a bath alone. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that I will be able


voice was deep and a


water temperature, and began to fill the bathtub


in the bathtub, trying to

"Sit properly.”


back into the bathtub. Then, he left the bathroom, went to the wardrobe and casually


sat in the bathtub. Her clothes floated in the water, which outlined her beautiful figure. The straps on her dress slipped


you know


at Rosiley leaning lazily against the edge of the bathtub, Sachin found it interesting and couldn't help




and looked down at her clothes. At this moment, her pale cheeks finally turned red. She said, "Oh,


began to take off her dress but it wouldn't get


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