The convenient Bride

Chapter 106: Don't Be Afraid. I'll Take You Home.



Rosiley shouted and realized that the door was locked from the outside. She could only hear the sound of quick footsteps.


“Who are you? What do you want? Let me out!"


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Rosiley slammed the door forcefully in shock and anger.


She felt dizzy.


Obviously, washing her face did not wake her up. The effect of the wine was getting heavier and heavier. Because she slammed the door, her strength was gradually being drained.


However, no one outside replied to her.


Rosiley continued knocking on the door. "Let me out. Who are you? What are you trying to do?”


"Stay here quietly!"


At this moment, a slightly cold voice sounded.


Rosiley raised her head vigilantly and saw a basin of cold water pouring down from above.




Rosiley cried out in alarm. Her entire body was soaked, and she looked extremely miserable.


She could vaguely hear someone outside saying, "Hurry up and leave. Don't be discovered by other people."


"She would be fine, right?”


"Yes. Anyway, she'll be locked up for a while, and she won't die. Let's go while no one's here.”


After they finished speaking, they quickly fled away.


"Hey, let me out.”


Rosiley continued to knock on the door, but the bathroom door was closed, and a sign that said "in maintenance” was placed there.


was impossible for Rosiley to get


in front of her became incomparably hazy,


could only lean against the wall and rest for a while after


The banquet hall.


few minutes after Rosiley left, Sachin discovered


who was not far away. He walked over




was shocked. She hurriedly said, “Rosiley went to the bathroom just now and hasn't returned yet. She would




he spoke, Sachin


knew that Rosiley and Sachin got married secretly. If they


gone to the bathroom for a long




also noticed that, so he occasionally glanced


passed, but Rosiley still didn't

had drunk wine. He was a little worried, so he called Yayoi again.


it take so


and hurriedly let go of what she was doing. She nodded and said, "I'll go


a long time, but no one answered. At this time of the day, the shout


in the compartment, she


as time passed, she realized that she needed


thinking for a while, Rosiley barely supported




up, she could climb over the partition


high heels, and immediately stood on the toilet lid. Her body swayed, and


it didn't go so smoothly. She fell several times in a row, which wasn't


pain made her sober up a little, but the effects of alcohol wasn't dispelled




If she jumped down, she might fall badly. She didn't dare to act


at this moment that Rosiley heard that the


crack shocked her. She accidentally fell down from






breath. It was very painful, but she did not care about the pain. She hurriedly shouted at the door, "Is there anyone outside? Open


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