The convenient Bride

Chapter 106: Don't Be Afraid. I'll Take You Home.



Rosiley shouted and realized that the door was locked from the outside. She could only hear the sound of quick footsteps.


“Who are you? What do you want? Let me out!"


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Rosiley slammed the door forcefully in shock and anger.


She felt dizzy.


Obviously, washing her face did not wake her up. The effect of the wine was getting heavier and heavier. Because she slammed the door, her strength was gradually being drained.


However, no one outside replied to her.


Rosiley continued knocking on the door. "Let me out. Who are you? What are you trying to do?”


"Stay here quietly!"


At this moment, a slightly cold voice sounded.


Rosiley raised her head vigilantly and saw a basin of cold water pouring down from above.




Rosiley cried out in alarm. Her entire body was soaked, and she looked extremely miserable.


She could vaguely hear someone outside saying, "Hurry up and leave. Don't be discovered by other people."


"She would be fine, right?”


"Yes. Anyway, she'll be locked up for a while, and she won't die. Let's go while no one's here.”


After they finished speaking, they quickly fled away.


"Hey, let me out.”


Rosiley continued to knock on the door, but the bathroom door was closed, and a sign that said "in maintenance” was placed there.